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About Me

The Power of Music

My name is Kali Bate and I am an 18- year old violinist, author, and student.

My love of music and desire to make a difference inspired me to write a children’s book about the unifying power of music and another about the power of music to build confidence.

100% of sale proceeds are donated to Kidznotes, a North Carolina non-profit organization that empowers students to thrive through music education.

In addition to playing my violin and sharing my passion, I enjoy playing on the ultimate frisbee team at Wellesley College (class of 2026). 


About Me 

I am a student, violinist and chamber musician, author, TEDx speaker, and social justice advocate.

Currently, I am a senior in high school in North Carolina. Playing the violin is my passion, and playing chamber music with like-minded peers is my absolute favorite thing to do. Recently, I decided to write two children's books - one about the unifying power of music and the other about the power of music to build confidence- to benefit an incredible music-for-social-change program, Kidznotes. 


I believe that all children should have access to music education and the incredible, transformative impact it can have on their lives and society. These music-for-social-change programs create family and cross-cultural bonds that are long-lasting, they change circumstances so individuals can achieve more, so therefore, they have the potential to positively impact not just the child, but their family, their community, and our world. Music is a solution our society can and should use in our quest for justice, and my goal is to help provide musical education to those who lack one. 


I hope you’ll peruse my website and listen to my TEDxCaryAcademy to learn more.


Recently, The Aria in Me won 1st place in Youth Author Fiction from Royal Dragonfly 2020, International Book Awards. Please check out both of my award-winning books!


My Mission

My mission is to help make music accessible to everyone, as music is a unifier and a solution our society can and should use in our quest for justice. 


One way I hope to make a difference in this way is to provide support to the music education program Kidznotes, a local chapter of El Sistema USA. 


Music is the one language understood by all, thus, it should be the voice of the voiceless and the heart of everyone.

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